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ZIBEON (zĭb'ē-ŭn, Heb. tsiv‘ôn, hyena). A Hivite, grandfather of Oholibamah, a wife of Esau (Gen.36.2, Gen.36.14). The text should probably be amended to read “Horite.”

ZIBEON zĭb’ ĭ ən (צִבְעֹ֖ון, hyena). Son of Seir, and a Hivite clan chief (Gen 36:2; but the text should prob. be amended to Horite, as in vv. 20, 29). In Genesis 36:2, (KJV, ASV) 14 “Anah” is said to be “the daughter of Zibeon”; the RSV has “the son of Zibeon,” following the LXX, Samar., and Syr.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)