ZERI (zē'rī, Heb. tserî). One of the sons of Jeduthun in the days of David. He praised the Lord with harp and voice (1Chr.25.3). He is perhaps the same as Izri in 1Chr.25.11.

ZERI zĭr’ ī (צְרִ֡י). Head of a family of postexilic Levitical singers (1 Chron 25:3); called Izri in v. 11. It is possible that there was an initial yodh originally, which was later lost in transcription.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

"Son" of Jeduthun, and a temple musician (1Ch 25:3) = "Izri" of 1Ch 25:11, which should be read here.

See Izri.