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ZEMARITE zĕm’ ə rīt (צְּמָרִ֖י). A Canaanite people, named between the Arvadite and Hamathite (Gen 10:18; 1 Chron 1:16). They prob. lived in N Phoenicia, between Arvad and Tripolis, in a town now called Sumra.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A Canaanite people named in Ge 10:18; 1Ch 1:16. The occurrence of the name between Arvadite and Hamathite gives a hint as to locality. A place called Cumur is mentioned in the Tell el-Amarna Letters along with Arvad. The name probably survives in that of Sumra, a village on the seacoast between Tripolis and Ruwad, about 1 1/2 miles North of Nahr el-Kebir. We may with some certainty identify this modern village with the site of the town from which the inhabitants were named "Zemarites."