ZEBAH (zē'ba, Heb. zevah, sacrifice). One of the two kings of Midian whom Gideon overthrew, the other being Zalmunna (Judg.8.10, Judg.8.12; Ps.83.11). The Ephraimites had destroyed 120,000 warriors, the majority of the Midianite forces (Judg.8.10), but these two kings escaped. Gideon captured them and completely routed the rest. Having heard their personal confession that they had killed some of the Israelites (Judg.8.18-Judg.8.19), he ordered them executed. The son to whom this command was given, only a boy, refused, and when these kings asked Gideon to kill them, he did so (Judg.8.19-Judg.8.21).