Zaccur, Zacchur

ZACCUR, ZACCHUR (Heb. zakkûr, remembered). 1. The father of the Reubenite spy Shammua (Num.13.4).

2. The son of Hamuel, a Simeonite (1Chr.4.26), Zacchur in AV.

3. One of the sons of Merari (1Chr.24.27).

4. One of the sons of Asaph set apart by David for musical service (1Chr.25.1-1Chr.25.2; Neh.12.35).

5. The son of Imri who aided in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (Neh.3.2).

6. One of those who, with Nehemiah, sealed the covenant (Neh.10.12).

7. One of the treasurers, father of Hanan (Neh.13.13).

8. A son of Bigvai. He accompanied Ezra to Jerusalem from Babylon (Ezra.8.14 niv; Zabbud kjv and most versions).