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ZACCUR, ZACCHUR (Heb. zakkûr, remembered)

2. A Simeonite (1 Chron 4:26), son of Mishma. In Genesis 25:14 and 1 Chronicles 1:30 Mishma is an Ishmaelite name. Zaccur may have been an offspring of a mixed marriage of a Simeonite and an Arab.

3. A Levite of the Merari family, son of Jaaziah (1 Chron 24:27).

4. A descendant of Asaph the Levite one of David’s singers and also one of the singers who returned after the Exile (Neh 12:35; cf. 1 Chron 25:2, 10).

5. One of those who returned with Ezra from Babylon (marginal reading for Zabbud in Ezra 8:14), a descendant of Bigvai.

6. One of the postexilic Temple singers who was forced to put away a foreign wife during Ezra’s reform (1 Esd 9:24, but not mentioned in Ezra 10:24).

7. Son of Imri, one of those who helped Nehemiah rebuild the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:2).

8. One of the signatories to Nehemiah’s covenant (Neh 10:12).

9. Hanan, one of Nehemiah’s treasurers was a descendant of a certain Zaccur the son of Mattaniah (Neh 13:13).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(zakkur, perhaps "ventriloquist" (Gray, Nu, 137)):

(1) Father of Shammua the Reubenite spy (Nu 13:4).

(2) A Simeonite (1Ch 4:26); the King James Version "Zacchur."

(3) Levites: (a) a Merarite (1Ch 24:27); (b) a "son" of Asaph (1Ch 25:2,10; Ne 12:35); (c) Ne 10:12 (Hebrew verse 13), and probably the same as in Neb 13:13, father of Hanan.

(4) A marginal reading in Ezr 8:14 for Zabbud where Kethibh is really "Zabud".

See Zabbud.

(5) Son of Imri and one of the builders of Jerusalem (Ne 3:2).

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