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ZABBAI (zăb'ā-ī, Heb. zabbay, meaning unknown)

One of the sons of Bebai who put away his foreign wife at the request of Ezra (Ezra.10.28).The father of Baruch (Neh.3.20).

ZABBAI zăb’ ī (זַבַּ֥י; LXX Ζαβάδ, Ζαβοὐ, possibly derived from “bestow” as a hypocoristic name, or an abbreviation of zābadya, Yahweh bestowed). 1. A descendant of Bebai who married a foreign wife in Nehemiah’s time and was forced to put her away (Ezra 10:28; 1 Esd 9:29; LXX ̓Ιωζάβδος).

2. Father of Baruch who worked on the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:20). The Qeré reads Zakkai (זַכַּ֖י) with several MSS, Vul., and Syr. The name occurs in Ezra 2:9; Nehemiah 7:14, and is the basis of Zacchaeus (NT).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

zab’-a-i, zab’-i ( zabbay, meaning unknown; Zabou):

(1) One of those who had married foreign wives (Ezr 10:28) = "Jozabdus" of 1 Esdras 9:29.

(2) Father of Baruch (Ne 3:20). The Qere has zakkay = "Zaccai"of Ezr 2:9; Ne 7:14.