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Wycliffe Bible Translators

An organization dedicated to producing translations of the Bible in languages that heretofore had none. It came from the vision and initiative of L.L. Legters and W. Cameron Townsend. In 1934 they started Camp Wycliffe in Arkansas as a summer school in descriptive linguistics for pioneer missionaries. Work began among Mexican tribes in 1935. In 1942 they decided to organize formally. Two corporations were set up. The Summer Institution of Linguistics represents the scientific linguistic and cultural aspects, is non- sectarian, makes contracts with governments, and directs work on the fields. It conducts summer training programs in cooperation with state universities. Wycliffe Bible Translators represents the religious aspect, promotes the work among churches, secures financial support, and screens candidates. To qualify for service with SIL, candidates must also be accepted by WBT. Another organization, Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS), provides transportation and communications. Since 1944 operations have become worldwide with more than 1,800 active members.