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William Sancroft

1617-1693. Archbishop of Canterbury from 1678 till 1689. Graduate and fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, he was ejected in 1651 and went abroad for some years, studying in Padua, and returned to England at the Restoration. He became chaplain to Bishop Cosin and was involved with him at the Savoy Conference* and afterward on the work of revising the Prayer Book. He also became chaplain to Charles II, and a prebendary of Durham in 1662. In the same year he became master of Emmanuel and founded a new college chapel. After a brief period as dean of York (1664), he became dean of St. Paul's and was closely associated with Wren in rebuilding that cathedral after the Great Fire. He became archbishop of Canterbury in 1678 and in that capacity crowned the Roman Catholic James II* in 1685, having revised the service to omit Communion. He refused to serve on James's ecclesiastical commission or to read his declaration of indulgence.* He was imprisoned in the Tower with six other bishops for his opposition. He supported actively the intervention of William of Orange, but refused to recognize him as lawful king, for which he was suspended in August 1689 and then deprived. With others of like mind he founded the schismatic body of Nonjurors*, but spent his last years in retirement.