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William Patteson Nicholson

1876-1959. Irish evangelist. After a wild youth spent at sea, he was converted in 1898, trained at the Bible Training Institute, Glasgow, and served as an evangelist with the Lanarkshire Christian Union. In 1914 he was ordained as an evangelist in the Presbyterian Church in the USA, and subsequently joined the staff of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. His greatest work, however, was done in Ulster, where his preaching-vivid, uncompromising, and unconventional-brought about a significant spiritual awakening in the 1920s. Thousands were converted, and the moral tone of Belfast's dockland was raised. In 1926 he deputized for J. Stuart Holden as CICCU missioner in a united mission to Cambridge University (another missioner was William Temple). Nicholson's preaching created a sensation and led to numerous conversions. He campaigned also in Australasia and South Africa.