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William Miller

1782-1849. Founder of Adventism.* Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he educated himself by reading, and farmed in his wife's hometown, Poultny, Vermont, where he served as deputy sheriff and justice of the peace. He gained the rank of captain in the War of 1812 and thereafter settled on a farm in Low Hampton, New York. He was converted from Deism in 1816 and after fourteen years of Bible study decided Christ would return in 1843. In 1833 he was licensed as a Baptist preacher. His book, Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ, About the Year 1843, published in 1836, and the publicity work of Joshua Himes from 1839 won many to his views. Disenchanted, he dropped out of the Adventist movement in 1845. He died after loss of sight in old age in Low Hampton.