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William Lincoln

1825-1888. English preacher. Born in East London in 1825, and converted at seventeen partly through reading Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Religion, he studied with missionary service in mind, but abandoned the plan owing to poor health. After further study at King's College, London, he was ordained in 1849. Following a curacy in Southwark he was appointed in 1859 to be minister of Beresford Chapel in Walworth, where his preaching was very popular. Even at this stage he was doubtful about his position in the Established Church, and he announced his intention to abandon it in 1862, shortly after which he published his Javelin of Phinehas, a lengthy condemnation of the union of church and state. Many of his congregation chose to stay with him, and as he had acquired the lease of the chapel he continued to minister there and encouraged congregational participation to such an extent that it was eventually regarded as a Brethren assembly. After his death a number of Brethren continued the ministry there.