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William Juxon

1582-1663. Archbishop of Canterbury. Born at Chichester and educated at Oxford where he studied law, Juxon in 1609 became vicar of St. Giles, Oxford, and in 1621 succeeded William Laud* as president of St. John's College. He was vice-chancellor in 1626-27 and aided the Laudian reform of the university statutes. Laud was his friend and patron, and in 1633 Juxon succeeded him as bishop of London. In 1636 he became Lord High Treasurer of England, and after Laud's imprisonment he was Charles I's constant adviser, ministering to him up to his execution in 1649. Though a thoroughgoing Laudian, he was trusted by men of other persuasions as a man of integrity and tolerance. During the Commonwealth he was left in seclusion. At the Restoration he was made archbishop of Canterbury, but because of infirmity exercised little influence over the church.