William Alfred Passavant

1821-1894. American Lutheran clergyman, editor, and philanthropist. Of Huguenot and German ancestry, he began his ministry in 1843 as a New Lutheran of Schmucker's school, but later espoused Old Lutheranism. He was, in 1867, one of the founders of the conservative General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America. He lived for the last fifty years of his life in Pittsburgh, where he was pastor, until 1855, of the English Lutheran Church. To strengthen the missionary movement, in which he was deeply interested, he issued in 1848 the monthly Missionary which became a weekly in 1856 and was incorporated with the Lutheran of Philadelphia in 1861. He also edited, until his death, the Workman first published in 1881. He was largely responsible for introducing the order of deaconesses into the United States in 1849. He opened hospitals and orphan asylums in a number of American cities. He also founded the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary and Thiel College at Greenville, Pennsylvania.