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Wheaton Declaration

A statement adopted by the Congress on the Church's Worldwide Mission at Wheaton (Illinois) College in 1966. Called by the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association* and the Evangelical Foreign Missions Association,* 938 delegates from seventy-one countries representing over 250 groups registered for the conclave. Major study papers were written in advance on the relation of mission to ten specific problem areas: syncretism, neo-universalism, proselytism, neo-Romanism, church growth, foreign missions, evangelical unity, evaluating methods, social concern, and a hostile world. After extensive discussion by small groups, a final drafting committee, which drew upon their conclusions, prepared the Wheaton Declaration. It was adopted unanimously by the delegates as the collective opinion of the congress. The document dealt with the above issues, but clearly asserted biblical authority, proclamation of the Gospel, and social action as evangelicals.