What it does not affirm

"Adiaphora" was the ancient term for theological beliefs that, while important, were not central to the Christian faith. These are beliefs that we historically have agreed to disagree on; they are not matters of salvation.

The challenge is determining what is truly part of the adiaphora. We hold many beliefs dear and important, but the question is, "If someone disagrees with me on this point, will they still spend eternity in heaven?"

Following is a list of important theological topics over which we have agreed to disagree.

  • Order of salvation (i.e., which comes first, faith or regeneration)

  • Exercise of spiritual gifts (except when it comes to the issue of salvation)

  • Women's role in ministry

  • Eschatology (except to affirm that Jesus is coming again, personally, visibly, publically). So for example, Preterism is disallowed.
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