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Wayfaring Man

WAYFARING MAN (Heb. ’ōrēah, ‘āvar, ’ōrah, hālakh-derekh). One who walks the roads (Judg.19.17; 2Sam.12.4; Isa.33.8; Isa.35.8); a traveler (so niv).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

wa’-far-ing, The translation in Jud 19:17; 2Sa 12:4; Jer 9:2; 14:8 of (’oreach), the participle of ’arach, "to journey." In Isa 33:8 of `obher ’orach, "one passing on a path," and in Isa 35:8 of holekh derekh, "one walking on a road." "Traveler" is the meaning in all cases.