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WAYFARER. A person who travels by road, esp. on foot; a traveler. In ancient times traveling was much more hazardous than it is today. Judges 5:6 and Isaiah 33:8 are illustrations of this. The parable of the Good Samaritan is a NT illustration. Since inns were few, travelers were often dependent upon the tender mercies and hospitality of strangers through whose towns they passed (Judg 19:16-30; 2 Sam 12:4). Josephus wrote a great deal about the brigandage that existed in Pal. during the period of Rom. rule. Among the dangers that Paul suffered on his frequent journeys, he listed danger from robbers, danger in the city, and danger in the wilderness (2 Cor 11:26, 27). The fact that all roads led to Rome must have been a boon to travelers, but the lack of police protection and the scarcity of inns made them dangerous for the wayfarer.