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Vincent Ferrer

1350-1419. Dominican preacher. He was born at Valencia and entered the Order of Preachers in 1368. After studying at Tarragona and Barcelona and then teaching natural sciences and logic, he completed his studies at Toulouse in 1379 and became prior at Valencia. There he wrote his De vita spirituali. In 1384 he resigned in order to teach in the local cathedral school. His growth in holiness and intellect were parallel: “study followed prayer, and prayer study.” Marvels accompanied his prayers. Keen to heal the Great Schism,* he supported Clement VII,* the Avignonese claimant, for whom he wrote De moderno Ecclesiae schismate to Pedro IV of Aragon. Repudiating Benedict XIII* for prolonging unnecessarily the travesty, he took no part in the Council of Constance which ended the Schism. Morally concerned, in 1399 he set out from Avignon to preach for the next twenty years across Europe. Known as “Angel of the Judgment,” he also protected and converted the Jews.