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VENISON (Heb. tsayidh, tsēdhâh, game of any kind). Properly the flesh of the deer, but as used in the KJV of Gen.25.28 and Gen.27.5ff. it could mean any game taken in hunting. NIV “wild game” and “game.”

VENISON. The KJV rendering of צַ֫יִד, H7473, (Gen 25:28; 27:5ff.) and צֵידָה, H7476, (Gen 27:3). Both these words mean “game” of any kind, not “deer’s flesh.” RSV has Game.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ven’-i-z’-n, ven’-z’-n: Is derived (through the French venaison) from the Latin venari, "to hunt," and means properly "the spoils of the chase." As, however, the object of the chase, paragraph excellence, was the deer, venison came to mean usually (as it invariably does in modern English) "deer’s flesh." But in English Versions of the Bible this technical force seems not to be implied, for "venison" is used only for the two Hebrew words tsayidh (Ge 25:28; 27:5 ), and tsedhah (Ge 27:3), and both these words (from tsudh, "to hunt") mean simply "game" of any kind.

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