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Valley of Shaveh

SHAVEH, VALLEY OF (shā'vĕ, Heb. shāwēh, a plain). Also called “the king’s dale”; a place near Salem (i.e., Jerusalem, Ps.76.2), where, after rescuing his nephew Lot, Abraham met the king of Sodom (Gen.14.17). It is identified by some as the same place where Absalom erected a memorial to himself (2Sam.18.18).

SHAVEH, VALLEY OF (shā’ və), a plain or valley subsequently termed “the king’s vale,” near to Salem. There the king of Sodom met Abraham after the defeat of Chedorlaomer (Gen 14:17, 18). Here too, Absalom raised a memorial pillar (2 Sam 18:18). According to Josephus this stood about a quarter of a mile from Jerusalem, that is, prob. the broad upper sector of the valley of Hinnon, which then narrows into a ravine in its lower sector. However, with only slight consonantal change the word may not mean a plain or vale, but “king,” rendering the topographical location obscure.