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Valley Gate

VALLEY GATE (Heb. sha‘ar haggay’, gate of the Gai). A gate mentioned in Neh.2.13; Neh.3.13. There is disagreement as to whether it was in the SW or NW corner of the city.

VALLEY GATE (שַׁ֥עַר הַגַּ֖יְא, the gate of the valley): A city gate on the SW side of Jerusalem.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In Ne 2:13 the King James Version, "gate of the valley."

See Jerusalem.

Is placed (Ne 3:13) between the "tower of the furnaces" and the "dung gate"; from here Nehemiah (2:13) set out on his ride down the "Gai" (Hinnom) to Siloam, and, too (12:31,38), from here the Levites commenced their compass of the city in two directions. It must have been an ancient gate, for Uzziah added towers to it (2Ch 26:9). It was probably near the Southwest corner of the city and near to, if not identical with, the gate found by Bliss near (now in) the Protestant Cemetery.