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UNDEFILED (Heb. tām, perfect, Gr. amiantos, unsullied). A person or thing untainted with moral evil (kjv Ps.119.1; Song.5.2; Song.6.9; Heb.7.26; Heb.13.4; Jas.1.27; 1Pet.1.4).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

un-de-fild’: In the Old Testament tam, "perfect," presents the positive side. Hence, Ps 119:1 is translated in the Revised Version: "Blessed are they that are perfect in the way." In the New Testament amiantos, presents the negative side, "unstained" "unsullied" "without taint." Used to describe the sinlessness of Christ (Heb 7:26), to declare the marriage act free from all guilt, disgrace or shame (Heb 13:4), to contrast the heavenly inheritance with earthly possessions (1Pe 1:4).