UMMAH (ŭm'a, Heb. ‘ummâh, association). One of the cities belonging to the tribe of Asher (Josh.19.30). Unless it is to be identified with the modern “Akka,” which is at best a mere guess, no other identification is known.

UMMAH um’ ə (עֻמָ֥ה). An Asherite city (Josh 19:30); not identified. Some Gr. MSS have Acco, which came to be known as Ptolemais; and this reading has been adopted by many scholars.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities allotted to the tribe of Asher (Jos 19:30). By a slight emendation of the text it would read Acco, the name of the place subsequently known as Ptolemais, the modern `Akka. This emendation is generally adopted by scholars, although it is at best a conjecture. No other identification is yet possible.