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ULAM (ū'lăm, Heb. ’ûlām)

A son of Sheresh from the tribe of Manasseh (1Chr.7.16-1Chr.7.17).A descendant of the Benjamite Eshek. His two illustrious sons were known as “brave warriors who could handle the bow” (1Chr.8.39-1Chr.8.40).

ULAM u’ ləm (אוּלָ֥ם, first, leader). 1. A Manassite clan (1 Chron 7:16, 17).

2. A son of Eshek; head of a Benjaminite family descended from Saul through Jonathan, famous as archers (1 Chron 8:39, 40). 2 Chronicles 14:8 also mentions Benjaminite archers.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’ulam, "preceding"):

(1) A "son"of Peresh; a Manassite clan (1Ch 7:16,17). Lucian reads Elam.

(2) A descendant of Benjamin who had sons, "mighty men of valor" (1Ch 8:39,40). The Septuagint’s Codex Vaticanus has Ailam in 1Ch 8:39 and Aileim in 8:40; Codex Alexandrinus has Oulam in both verses, and so Lucian.