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Tower of Siloam

SILOAM, TOWER OF sĭ lō’ əm (ὁ πύργος ἐν τω̂̔ Σιλωάμ, the tower in Siloam).

This tower was presumably located in the southeastern section of Old Jerusalem. While it was still standing, it was a well-known landmark, as attested by the definiteness of the designation in Luke 13:4. The tower, mentioned in Biblical writings only in the above reference, is assumed to have been in the general vicinity of the pool of Siloam, a site which is fixed with certainty to the present day. The collapse of this tower killing eighteen men was fresh in the memories of Christ’s listeners. Opinions as to the identity of the eighteen have varied: some theorize that they were laborers working on the tower, or another nearby project while others suggest that they were prisoners in the tower. Whoever they were, the element of divine retribution because of aggravated sinfulness was not the cause of the tragedy.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

See Jerusalem; Siloam.

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