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TITTLE (tĭt'l, Gr. keraia, a horn). A small, horn-shaped mark used to indicate accent in Hebrew (Matt.5.18; Luke.16.17 kjv). In Matt.5.18 it is used with “jot” (Gr. iōta) to denote a minute requirement of the law.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(keraia (Westcott-Hort, kerea), from keras, "a horn"): A small stroke or mark, specif. on a letter to denote accent, or as a diacritical mark; used only in Mt 5:18 and Lu 16:17. In the first passage it is used in connection with iota, or jot, i.e. the very smallest thing, and in both it refers to the minutiae of the Law. It is well known that the scribes paid the greatest attention to such marks attached to the letters in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Massoretic Text of which abounds in them.

See Jot; Yodh.

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