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TIBNI (tĭb'nī, Heb. tivnî). A son of Ginath. When Zimri died, he was an unsuccessful competitor for the throne of Israel with Omri (1Kgs.16.15-1Kgs.16.21). Nothing else is known about him.

TIBNI tĭb’ nī (תִּבְנִ֤י). A son of Ginath, and the unsuccessful rival for the throne of the kingdom of Israel with Omri, with whom he fought for four years (1 Kings 16:21, 22). The struggle ended with Tibni’s death.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A rival of Omri for the throne of Israel after the death of Zimri (1Ki 16:21 f). This is the only reference to Tibni that has come down to us; a comparison of this passage with the account of Zimri’s death (especially 1Ki 16:15) shows that the length of the struggle was four years.