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Thyine Wood

THYINE WOOD (θύϊνος, G2591). In Cruden’s Concordance, it is termed “thyine tree” or “Thya.” In Revelation 18:12 (KJV), “The merchandise of...all thyine wood.” In fact, an article of merchandise in the mystical Babylon of Revelation. This was thought to be Thujaj articulata, and was called the Arar-tree.

The Gr. dictionary tr. of the word thuinos gives the idea of “sweet wood.” Is this the wood of the Sandarac Tree, Tetraclinis articulata? This, like the Thuja, is a conifer. The dark-colored wood polishes well and has an attractive fragrance about it. A marginal note in the KJV suggests the sweet fragrance of the wood.

Thyine wood is sometimes called citron wood (Moffatt). The Romans considered the wood to be worth its weight in gold.