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THRASAEUS thrā se’ əs (Θρασαι̂ος). Thrasaeus was the father of Apollonius (2 Macc 3:5 KJV). RSV has Apollonius of Tarsus, tr. Θρασσαι̂ος as a place name.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Codex Alexandrinus Swete and Fritzsche Thrasaios; Codex Venetus Tharsiou; Codex Venetus(a) Tharseou; Conjecture of Dr. Hort Tharsea; the King James Version, Thraseas): The father of APOLLONIUS (which see) (2 Macc 3:5). the Revised Version margin gives "Or `Thrasca.’" The Greek text is probably corrupt. Perhaps the true reading is "Apollonius of Tarsus".