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Thomas Wyttenbach

1472-1526. Swiss Reformer. Born at Biel (Bienne), after study at Tübingen he lectured at Basle on the Sentences, and was influenced there by humanism and the new methods of biblical study. He lectured on the NT, especially Romans, and attacked indulgences in public several years before Luther. Zwingli* was among his pupils (1506) and said he learned from Wyttenbach that “the death of Christ alone is the price of the forgiveness of sins,” and also claimed that he owed him his first serious contact with Scripture. He was people's priest at Biel from 1515, and from 1523 publicly supported the Reformation. His marriage in 1524 led to his deposition. After his death the reform of Biel was carried through by his successor, Jakob Würben.