Thomas Kelly Cheyne

1841-1915. OT scholar. Educated at Oxford and at Göttingen, where he was greatly influenced by H.G.A. Ewald,* he returned to Oxford for the rest of his life, apart from a brief period as rector in Essex, and from 1885 until his death was Oriel professor of the interpretation of Scripture. A pioneer in England of the critical approach to the OT, he participated in the preparation of the Revised Version of the Bible, and was co-editor of the Encyclopaedia Biblica (4 vols., 1899-1903). In latter years some of his views were condemned by scholars as wild and unbalanced. Cheyne's writings include The Origin and Religious Contents of the Psalter (1891), Founders of Old Testament Criticism (1893), Introduction to the Book of Isaiah (1895), and Jewish Religious Life after the Exile (1898).