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Theodor Bibliander

c.1504-1564. Protestant scholar. Born at Bischofzell, he studied at Zurich and then at Basle under C. Pellican, J. Oecolampadius,* and W. Capito.* He taught in Leugnitz (1527-29), then returned to Zurich where he succeeded Zwingli* as professor. An accomplished linguist who called himself homo grammaticus, he was reputed to be master of thirty languages and was one of the most important Swiss biblical exegetes of his day. Many of his works remained in manuscript, but he published a Hebrew grammar (1535), commentaries, and a notorious edition of the Koran (1543) which the magistrates of Basle attempted to ban, until a number of scholars like Luther intervened on Bibliander's behalf. A pioneer advocate of mission to the heathen, he was also a critic of Calvin's doctrine of predestination. His reputation rests on his biblical exegesis and his ministry in Zurich.