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d.1161. Archbishop of Canterbury from 1138. Norman-born, he became a monk at Bec and was later abbot. As archbishop he crowned Stephen in 1141, and his administrative capacity was shown during the politics of that reign. Appointed papal legate in 1150, having been bypassed earlier by Innocent II in favor of Henry of Blois, he worked for cooperation between church and state. In defiance of Stephen he attended the Council of Reims in 1148, whereupon he was exiled, which act led Eugenius III to put England under interdict. Again, in 1152, Theobald refused under papal orders to crown Stephen's son Eustace, and fled to Flanders. Having reconciled Stephen and Henry of Anjou in 1153, he crowned Henry II in 1154 and recommended Thomas Becket* as chancellor. John of Salisbury* was his own secretary and chief advisor during that time. He encouraged the study of canon law and opposed the monastic claims for exemption from diocesan ruling.