The Tower of Hammeah

ha-me’-a, ham’-e-a (ha-me’ah (<bibleref ref="Neh.3.1">Ne 3:1</bibleref>); the <span class="auto-link">[[King James Version]]</span> Meah): The origin of the name is obscure; in the margin the meaning is given "Tower of the hundred"; it has been suggested that it may have been 100 cubits high or had 100 steps. It was the most important point on the walls of Jerusalem in going West from the <span class="auto-link">[[Sheep Gate]]</span>, and is mentioned along with the T. of HANANEL (which see) (<bibleref ref="Neh.3.1">Ne 3:1</bibleref>), and was therefore near the Northeast corner, and probably stood where the Baris and Antonia afterward were, near the Northwest corner of the charam where are today the Turkish barracks.<br /><br />

See [[Jerusalem]].<br /><br />