The Seventy Weeks

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Three main views are held. (1) The <em>critical view</em> says that the “prophecy” was written by a pseudo-Daniel in 165 <span class="small-caps">b.c.</span> and synchronizes (inaccurately) with the history between 586 <span class="small-caps">b.c.</span> (Jerusalem’s fall) and 164 <span class="small-caps">b.c.</span> (Antiochus). (2) The <em>dispensational view</em> has the sixty-ninth week terminating before the Crucifixion, leaving the seventieth (the present age being a “great parenthesis”) to be fulfilled in the Great Tribulation. (3) The <em>conservative</em>, or <em>traditional, view</em> says the seventieth week was introduced by Christ’s baptism and bisected (three and a half years) by his death, thus causing the sacrifices to cease (<bibleref ref="Dan.9.27">Dan.9.27</bibleref>).<br /><br />