BiblicalTraining's mission is to lead disciples toward spiritual growth through deep biblical understanding and practice. We offer a comprehensive education covering all the basic fields of biblical and theological content at different academic levels.
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The articles are about the Bible or issues directly relating to the Bible

It is a difficult yet necessary task to distinguish between what should and should not be included in BiblicalTraining Library. The basic controlling factor is that the articles are about the Bible.


Included topics

  • the people of the Bible

  • the places of the Bible

  • the things discussed in te Bible

  • the concepts taught or implied in the Bible

  • The final point allows articles on theological discussions such as the Trinity that are implicit in the Bible but not explicitly taught.

    We also see that Church History is a vital discipline of Bible study and is included.


    Not Included Topics

    There are many interesting and important topics that fall outside of these parameters. Many of these topics can be studied on the wiki at Gospel.com (Guys: just a thought.) They include topics such as,

  • current events

  • modern preachers, churches, and denominations

  • self-help topics not directly related to the Bible. "Food" is a biblical topic and is discussed along with issues of obesity and world starvation, but "exercise" is not discussed here.

  • passing fads (like ... )