TERRACE (Heb. mesillâh). Used in the KJV for the steps that Solomon made of algumwood as an approach to the temple (2Chr.9.11).

TERRACE. The KJV tr. of מְסִלָּה, H5019, in 2 Chronicles 9:11 (RSV STEPS), where it is said that Solomon made for the house of the Lord “terraces,” or “steps,” from algum trees. It is not known precisely what is meant by the Heb. word.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Solomon is said, in 2Ch 9:11, to have made of the algum trees brought him from Ophir "terraces," or raised walks, for the house of Yahweh. In the parallel 1Ki 10:12, the word used is rendered "pillars," margin "`a railing’; Hebrew `a prop.’"