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TERAH (tē'ra, Heb. terah)

Son of Nahor and father of Abram (Gen.11.24-Gen.11.32). He lived at Ur of the Chaldees and was an idolater (Josh.24.2). When God called Abram out of Ur with its civilized idolatry, Terah went as far as Haran in Mesopotamia, where he and his family remained until Terah died at 205 years of age; then Abram with his family and his nephew Lot proceeded to Canaan.A stage in Israel’s march between Tahath and Mithcah (Num.33.27-Num.33.28).

TERAH tĭr’ ə (תֶּ֔רַח; LXX θάρρα). Terah was the father of Abraham (Gen 11:24-32). In addition to the reference to Terah by Joshua (Josh 24:2), he is listed in genealogical lists (1 Chron 1:26; Luke 3:34). Stephen refers to Abraham’s father in Acts 7:2.

Terah had three sons, which are identified in Genesis as Abram, Nahor, and Haran when he lived in Ur, identified by most scholars as Al-Muqayyar on the lower Euphrates near the Persian Gulf. From Ur he migrated northward some 500 m. along the Euphrates to the city of Haran, located about 275 m. NE of Damascus.

Although Abram is listed first, it does not necessarily follow that he was the oldest son. Haran, who died before the family moved northward, may have been the oldest son. It was Haran’s son Lot who eventually went with Abram to Pal.

According to Joshua 24:2 and 15, Terah was an idolater. Nannar (Sem. Sin) was the principal deity worshiped at Ur as well as at Haran during the time of Terah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A wilderness camp of the Israelites between Tahath and Mithkah (Nu 33:27,28).

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