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Tekoa, Tekoah, Tekoite

TEKOA, TEKOAH, TEKOITE (tĕ-kō'a, tĕ-kō'aīt, Heb. teqôa‘, tekô‘âh). A city of Judah, an inhabitant of it. Tekoa lay twelve miles (twenty km.) south of Jerusalem and the same distance NE of Hebron. It was fortified by Rehoboam (2Chr.11.6). Previous to this, Joab, David’s cousin and general, had sent to Tekoa for a “wise woman” and plotted with her to persuade David to bring back Absalom. The prophet Amos describes himself as one of the shepherds of Tekoa (Amos.1.1) and later as one who cared for sycamore-fig trees (Amos.7.14), giving us a hint as to the civilization of the city and surrounding country. Jeremiah warned Judah of the approaching danger from the north (Jer.6.1). Ruins of the place survive in Takua.