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TEBALIAH tĕb’ ə lī’ ə (טְבַלְיָ֣הוּ, Yahweh has dipped). The third son of Hosah; a Merarite gatekeeper of the Temple (1 Chron 26:11).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

teb-a-li’-a, te-bal’-ya (Tebhalyahu, "Yahweh hath dipped," i.e. "purified"; Codex Vaticanus Tablai; Codex Alexandrinus Tabelias; Lucian, Tabeel): A Merarite gatekeeper. (1Ch 26:11). The name should perhaps read Tobhiyahu, "Yahweh is good" (possibly from t-w-b-y-h-w misread Tebhalyahu).

See Tobijah.

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