TEAT. The KJV tr. of שַׁד, H8716, (Isa 32:12) and of דַּד, H1843, (Ezek 23:3, 21). RSV BREAST. In the Isaiah passage it is said that the women of Israel will beat upon their breasts in mourning for the pleasures they once enjoyed, but which are theirs no longer. In Ezekiel, Israel is told that she has played the harlot with Egypt.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(shadh (Isa 32:12), dadh (Eze 23:3,11)): In all these passages the Revised Version (British and American) has replaced the word by "breast" or "bosom," both of which occasionally stand in poetical parallelism. The above passages in Ezekiel are to be understood figuratively of the inclination of Israel to connive at, and take part in, the idolatry of their neighbors. To "smite upon the breasts" (Isa 32:12, where the King James Version translates wrongly "lament for the teats") means "to mourn and grieve in the ostentatious way of oriental women."

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