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TARTAK (tar'tăk, Heb. tartāq). A god worshiped by the Avvites, a people who were transplanted from their land to Samaria after its fall to Assyria (2Kgs.17.31).

TARTAK tär’ tăk (תַּרְתָּ֑ק). An idol set up in Samaria by the Avvites when Sargon, king of Assyria, settled them there after 722 b.c. (2 Kings 17:31). A deity with this name is not known in Assyrian religion. It is possible that the word is a corruption of Atargatis, a goddess worshiped in Mesopotamia. The Avvites brought with them another idol, Nibhaz, who was apparently worshiped in the form of an ass.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In 2Ki 17:31 mentioned as the name of an idol of the Avvites, one of the peoples sent by Shalmaneser to the cities of Samaria. It is otherwise unknown.