Tahtim Hodshi

TAHTIM HODSHI (ta'tĭm hŏd’shī). A town at the northern limit of David’s census (2Sam.24.6).

TAHTIM-HODSHI tä’ tĭm hŏd’ shī (תַּחְתִּ֖ים חָדְשִׁ֑י). A district between Gilead and Dan-jaan, visited in the course of David’s census (2 Sam 24:6). There is some doubt about the text, and the locality is not mentioned elsewhere. The RSV has accepted Wellhausen’s conjecture, the paleographical plausibility of which is high, rendering, “to Kadesh in the land of the Hittites,” i.e. Kadesh on the Orontes, to which David’s kingdom extended at the height of its power.