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TAHPENES (ta'pēn-ēz, Heb. tahpenês). The Egyptian queen who brought up Genubath, the son of her sister and of Hadad, the Edomite adversary of David and Solomon (1Kgs.11.14-1Kgs.11.22).

TAHPENES tä’ pə nez (תַּחְפְּנֵ֥יס, תַּחְפְּנֵ֔ס; LXX Θεκεμιμας, or Θεχεμινας). An Egyp. queen (1 Kings 11:19, 20). She was the wife of a Pharaoh of the twenty-first dynasty, perhaps Siamon (976-958 b.c.). The Pharaoh gave her sister in marriage to Hadad, the Edomite prince who fled from David to Egypt (1 Kings 11:17). Tahpenes cared for her sister’s son, Genubath, in Pharaoh’s house. Among the various explanations of the name Tahpenes, the most likely, following the LXX, is the Egyp. title, t’a-ḥm(t)-ns(w), “the wife of the king.”


B. Grdseloff, Annales du Service des Antiquités d’Égypte, XLVII (1947), 211-216.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ta’-pe-nez, ta-pe’-nez (tachpenec; Septuagint Thekem(e)ina): Queen of Egypt, the sister of Hadad’s wife and the foster-mother of his son Genubath (1Ki 11:19 f).

See Pharaoh.

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