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TABERAH (tăb'ĕ-ra, Heb. tav‘ērâh, burning). A place in the wilderness where the fire of the Lord burned some outlying parts of the camp of Israel as punishment for their complaining (Num.11.1-Num.11.3; Deut.9.22). It was probably three day’s journey from Sinai (Num.10.33), but its site is unidentified.

TABERAH tăb ə rə (תַּבְעֵרָ֑ה). The word means “burning,” and the story of the Lord’s visitation of fire on the camp (Num 11:1-3) gives the reason for the word. The story itself is obscure, and it is not clear whether the burning fire is to be taken literally, or as a symbol of some act of judgment. The place is mentioned again in Deuteronomy 9:22, but not listed in the wilderness stations recorded in Numbers 33.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

tab’-e-ra, ta-be’-ra (tabh`erah, "burning"): A wilderness camp of the Israelites, the site of which is unidentified. Here, it is recorded, the people complained against Yahweh, who destroyed many of them by fire. This is the origin of the name (Nu 11:3; De 9:22).

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