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TABER tā’ bər (תָּפַף, H9528, to strike a timbrel). An obsolete Eng. word found only in Nahum 2:7, KJV (ASV and RSV have BEATING). The Eng. word “taber” means a small drum, and the verb “taber” means to beat as upon a drum.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(taphaph, "to strike a timbrel" ((Ps 68:25)): The word is used only once in the King James Version, namely, in the exceedingly graphic account of the capture of Nineveh given in Na 2:7. The queen (perhaps the city personified) is dishonored and led into ignominious captivity, followed by a mourning retinue of "maids of honor" who taber upon, that is, beat violently, their breasts. Such drumming on the breasts was a gesture indicative of great grief (Lu 18:3).