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STRIPES (Heb. nākâh, Gr. plēgē). Scourging by lashing was a common form of punishment in ancient times. The Jewish law authorized it for certain ecclesiastical offenses (Deut.25.2-Deut.25.3). Among the Jews a scourge consisting of three thongs was used, and the number of stripes varied from a few up to thirty-nine (to make sure that the law’s limit of forty was not exceeded). When scourging took place in the synagogue, it was done by the overseer, but the Sanhedrin also administered such punishment (Acts.5.40). Roman scourges had pieces of metal or bones attached to the lashes. The victim was stripped to the waist and bound in a stooping position. The body was horribly lacerated so that often even the entrails were exposed.

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