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STOREHOUSE. A place for keeping treasures, supplies, and equipment. Obedience to the Lord was rewarded with full storehouses (Deut.28.8 kjv). Joseph stored grain in storehouses in Egypt against the coming famine (Gen.41.56). Hezekiah had many treasures in his storehouses and willingly showed them to visitors (2Kgs.20.13). The temple storehouse was a vital link in Hebrew worship and was always guarded (1Chr.26.15-1Chr.26.17; Mal.3.10).

STOREHOUSE (בֵּ֣ית הָאוֹצָ֗ר, house of the store, treasure; i.e. treasury, storehouse). Malachi charged that the people of his day had robbed God because they had failed to bring their tithes into the “storehouse” of God (Mal 3:10); he evidently had reference to the Temple treasury. In Nehemiah’s time the high priest and the Levites were to receive tithes from the laity. The Levites then were to take a tithe of the tithes to the “storehouse” of the Temple (Neh 10:38). “Storehouse” in this passage thus seems to refer to a special treasury-chamber of the Temple. In Jeremiah’s time Ebed-melech took men with him to the palace (“house of the king”), to a wardrobe of the storehouse in order to get rags and worn-out clothes with which to make a rope to lift Jeremiah from his prison cistern (Jer 38:11). “Storehouse” in this context apparently is an equivalent of “storeroom.”

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