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STAIRS, STAIRWAY, STEPS (Heb. maălâh, sullam, Gr. anabathmos). The name was given to steps leading to an upper chamber (1Kgs.6.8; Acts.9.37). Stairs led up to the city of David (Neh.12.37), to the porch of the temple gate to Jerusalem (Ezek.40.6), and to the altar on its east side (Ezek.43.17). Since stone steps have not been found among ruins in Palestine, it is supposed that stairs in ancient times were made of wood. Jacob’s ladder between heaven and earth, seen in his Bethel dream is called a stairway (Gen.28.12; kjv “ladder”). Scaling ladders, often used in storming ancient cities, are pictured on Assyrian and Egyptian monuments and are mentioned in 1Macc.5.30.